How to setup a hexo-based blog: Part 1

Hexo is a simple and powerful blog framework that allows you setup your blog quickly and easily.

Why Hexo?

Instead of create the blog in, I decided to setup and own the whole blog website. You can read a good discussion by Avinash Kaushik.

However, own a web site on interent is not easy. Normal maintenance tasks, such as backup database (your content) and apply security patch, are too much to a part-time blogger. Therefore, Hexo became a good solution:

  1. Customization: Hexo and its components are open-source. You can customize your blog the way you want.
  2. Light-weight: Hexo is a static blog system. It does not require any server-side code, or a database. Git is the best mechanism.
  3. Safety: Hexo only publish static files to internet, such as html, css and javascript. It is much less vulnerable compares to any rumtime web application.
  4. No compromise on functionality: Even it is a static site, but you can still embed 3rd party services for common blog functionalities such as commenting and web analytic.
  5. Cost: Together with Github page, host your blog is free. If you are not a fan of the domain name, you can also pay a little to have your own domain.

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