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Shortly after I have renewed my blog domain, it just crossed my mind that “hey, is it possible to register a top-level domain with my family name .lu? So I can literally have my name for my site:! That will be cool!”

(picture copyright:

And, (after googling), yes! It is possible! .lu is the Internet country code top-level domain for Luxembourg. OK… (continue googling) “Can I register a .lu domain without been a Luxembourgers?” “No problem!” Great!

Long story short, after some quick research on vendors and paid 24 Euro, I got the brand new domain! :)

The remaining is pretty straightforward:

  • In domain provider, set up an apex domain and www subdomain for my real blog host Github page, according to their document.
  • In github page settings, update the custom domain (equals to update the CNAME file).
  • Update blog source code (hexo) with the new domain
  • Important!: Since I would like to keep all existing links from the old domain continue working, I also setup the domain forwarding. Document. Remember to use “Redirect to a specific page/folder/subfolder”.
  • Update Google Analytics, GTM, etc
  • Done!

Happy blogging!

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